Iphone 3GS used to be one of the most sensible product from 2009 to 2012. With immense speed, exotic look and wonderful apps Iphone 3gs dominated counters and people�s choice creating desire or the hype created by outstanding apps and apple-magic . September 2012 was an end of 3 glorified years for one of the smartest of smart phone but that didn�t put any disorder to the apps of Iphone 3gs. The iphone 3gs apps are still being designed with same attention and pro brain works. The app store is an online platform presenting apps for every generation of iphone with making rooms for third party creations, but the membership demands to stand up to the apple`s mark . These apps must meet a positive review score or rejection proceeds. Beyond app store the whole world of web contains apps designed by third-party brains waiting to be installed in 3gs. In this case jailbreaking is only visa helping out. This is a tricky operation removing iphone from all bound but leads to some dis advantage like penalty to warranty.

 Nexus is another name branding the primness of smart phone. With 4 generation of Nexus-nexus 1, nexus s, galaxy nexus, nexus 4; this label is creating a tough competition for top-notch smart hand sets.The android operating system has opened the window to enjoy the freedom of apps . A lot of brain designed has been trending for nexus lovers but some stands for the iconic performance users enjoying. best nexus apps are hard to figure though some earned the tag of best apps for nexus being used by mass and sensational desirability. Wordpress, sky pe, play words, chorme, drop box, ever note, kindle , speed test deserve to be referred. The app experience are most desired after finding the right phone. The smart phones like Nexus are topnotch enjoyment with best apps have been installed.

 Samsung is an iconic brand of trust and desirability for their long way of pride and honor. With the label of galaxy., the users are obvious to feel the touch that Samsung creating in electronics for years and decades. The galaxy hand sets are one of the best choice for wide range of usability as well as the gaming enjoyment. Free downloadable games for galaxy are available by choosing right key words in the box of google. Lot of sites are designed having free games downloadable to Galaxy or the phone of top notch hard ware and efforts. Games like pro revolution soccer, Need For Speed Shift, The Sims 3 or the adoption from movies are downloading in sets like Samsung being free.free galaxy games download

 Technology is revolutionized the life style, way of perceive, acts and every thing. WWW is becoming the obvious need of every life. With a smart phone any body can reach to the world that controls the post millennium world. Apple, Sony, Asus, HTC, Samsung or other topnotch brands owe a salute to create this demand and learn people to be with internet, whatever the place is.find more apps here

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By Sylvester Smith